This past week Ace Ticket donated $11,137 to the Globe Santa annual drive to benefit local families in need, specifically children. Globe Santa has been raising money to deliver holiday gifts to those in need since 1956. Ace Ticket chose Globe Santa as the November & December recipient of it’s pledge to donate $1 for every ticket sold from it’s retail operation to a local organization/charity.

Ace Ticket CEO Jim Holzman saw a natural fit with Globe Santa as Ace Ticket’s charitable recipient for the holiday months: Why Globe Santa? “I began to realize how much the Boston Globe has meant to me and how it impacted my work life,” he said. His first job was as a paperboy, which taught him how to work hard and be responsible. (He also got a kick out of seeing the news headlines before anyone else.) Later, he built up his business by advertising in the Globe. “I feel like I’m in a unique situation that I can do well and help others,” he said (quote from Boston Globe article).

Every month Ace Ticket will donate $1 for every ticket sold from it’s retail branch to a New England area organization. To suggest an organization for support please email