A Special Message from Jim Holzman, President & CEO of Ace Ticket

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James Holzman, President & CEO of Ace Ticket






Growing up in the Boston-area, one of the most powerful principles my parents taught me was the importance of giving back. Now, as a father, I try to impart those same lessons onto my three young children.In these tough economic times, more people than ever need our help. This site is meant to bring awareness to local and national non-profit organizations that we work with.

We urge our customers and partners to join in and do what they can to help these vital establishments. You can find links to these organizations on our site and details on how you can donate money, tickets, or your time to those who need it most. We have been able to lend a helping hand because of the loyalty of our own customers and we promise to continue doing our part.

James Holzman