We caught up with ACE Ticket’s VP of Operations Adam Clark to check in on his training for the 2019 Boston Marathon and his fundraising for Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. We last checked in with Adam mid-January and now, with only 24 days until the big race, we wanted to see how his journey towards the finish line and efforts to help send kids to camp is shaping up. We even got access to Adam’s killer playlist which is currently motivating him on his long training runs! Adam’s run will ultimately send some amazing kids to camp for an incredible summer where they will feel safe, respected, and loved while discovering that they can achieve their dreams with the support of their family and friends. Here’s what he had to say:

AE:  How has your training changed since the last time we checked in?

Clark: Training has been going well, but challenging for sure! This is my first Marathon so It’s really just me and the internet out here.  I am confident that I am covering my bases, but the proof is going to be crossing that finish line. I have one more 20 mile run scheduled before I start to taper off the training.

AE: Have you experienced any setbacks or injuries while training?

Clark: Since the last time we checked in, training has ramped up in frequency and miles per week.  Going from 15/20 miles per week to 25/35 miles per week. It has also gotten much colder! The cold is certainly impactful, but more so to the motivation than the actual act of running.  In many cases, the hardest part of a run is walking out the door.

AE: What is your biggest concern looking ahead to the marathon?

Clark: There have also been setbacks as apparently I am not immune to some wear and tear.  Basically I have come to grips that my feet and knees are going to be in constant pain for most of the marathon.  I have accounted for some periods of acute pains with lower mileage, but I am going to have to commit to better stretching and recovery work to actually get better.  I imagine stretching is a lot like flossing. I am sure that I am not doing enough of it…

Aside from my knees and feet pain, I would say that the pre-race logistics could be considered a concern.  There are thousands of runners and I imagine there is a lot of hurry-up-and-wait. I could be milling around for hours waiting for my wave to begin and I am not sure what to do with myself in that time.  

AE: How is your fundraising going for Hole in the Wall Gang?

Clark: Fundraising is going great! I have surpassed the minimum goal of $8,500 and I am nearing the $10k mark.  It costs The Hole In The Wall Gang $2,500 to send each kid to camp free of charge. At $10k I will be sending 4 kids to camp, but I will be continuing the effort to raise as much as possible.  

AE: What is your favorite meal before or a long run?

Clark: Leading up to long runs I like to have a lot of carb heavy foods, but there is no real go-to for me. Pasta meals are great.  After a long run it is usually still morning so I like to have a big breakfast.

AE: What type of music are your currently listening to on your runs that inspire you?

Clark: Music is an important part of my runs.  I really run the gambit on genres and tempo.  The playlist I have going is always evolving and just gets shuffled at the beginning of most of my runs.  There is about seven hours of music on there so I am usually getting a slightly different soundtrack each time.  I am always looking for more music to add so if any of the readers want to comment with tracks that give them some energy, I’m all ears.  I use Apple Music so if there are any others who want to listen to my playlist on their runs, you can find it in the link below:


AE: Have you had a chance to meet or run with any of your Hole in the Wall Gang Camp marathon teammates?

Clark: I still have not met up for any group runs with my teammates and scheduling probably won’t allow for that at this point. Hole in The Wall Gang is hosting a dinner in Boston on the night before the race so I am excited that my family and I will get to meet the others.